Practical matters, efficient buying of high quality foods

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    I'd like to ask those of you who go out of your way to eat good foods what you think of this scenario: I go to Whole Foods, I ask for the grass fed trimmings from meat, and they tell me to come back in a few hours to pick it up. Seems reasonable right? But in a few hours I might be wiped out, and I already ask my husband for enough favors.

    The butcher shop area of WF seems like they just want you to come in 6 times a week to check if they have something you want, they won't tell you when they are likely to get a shipment (Mondays? Wednesdays? Sundays?), and then when you find what you want, they tell you to come back later too? It's just odd. They don't even let you call. It's making me buy more and more from the online "ranch" types of places, but it's hard to get fats from them. (I usually eat keto)

    Another issue I'm having is a shrinking of organic options. But one thing at a time. :)