Preparing TENS Leads to Use in Vagus Nerve Stimulation of Ear 2015-06-16

A photo how-to

  1. tandrsc

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    I bought my TENS machine and ear clips from - but it doesn't look as though they do the one I bought anymore.

    I think any TENS machine will do provided you can set the pulse rate (Hz) and the pulse width (microseconds); and be able to set a continuous mode. Here's a picture of the controls to look for, although you can get digital ones too.
    A TENS machine will come with leads, and the ear clips I bought seem to fit with any standard TENS machine like the one in the picture. I think you can buy pairs of ear clips from Amazon as bodyclock only sell them in packs of 10. Here's an example
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  3. Abrin

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    In slightly strange news, I found out that gently massaging the tragus on your ear with your fingers is actually kind of relaxing. It is a strange place to massage for sure but I figure it is something that I can easily do while lying in bed.

    So, I figured that I'd pass the information on to people to give a try if they are broke like me right now and can't buy a machine. :)
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  4. mfucci

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    Does anyone happen to know where to purchase TENS electrodes that use a carbon fiber lead wire rather than than a metal one (in the US)? The ones that came with my inTENSity Micro Combo have metal wiring and are quite uncomfortable (can't get over 1mA without discomfort). Alternately, is there a way to tell prior to purchasing which ones use carbon fiber? Thanks in advance.