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Sheva N.

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I have been reading about Red Light Therapy and it sounds intriguing. Has anyone used any of these devices? The one that is highly recommended by Ari Whitten in his book is the Red Rush 360. It is supposed to help increase mitochondrial energy and helpful with inflammation and in stabilizing the immune system. Would love to hear from you!


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I have a RR 360 that I have been using for probably FM-caused severe nerve and tendon elbow pain that came from no where and also affects my hands and fingers in the AM, can’t bend any fingers for several hours. I think it helps that a day after exposure. I have severe bodywide FM but my panel size is probably one by two feet so treatment for my constantly changing FM is not realistic. The body size one you put on a wall or door is pretty expensive and I’m not going to get it. It is also extremely heavy and would require a few non FM folks to set up.

I’ve ordered a red light -NIR light (like the Red Rush) mitten from Sharper Image to try on my hands since both sides have to be held in front of the Red Rush sequentially for each hand. I was hoping I could stick my elbow and maybe even foot in the mitten but the P.O. has lost it in transit so it will be a while to try out. They have a good return policy so you might look at that if hands are a big pain problem. Keep in touch here to let us all know if it works. I will post after I try the mitten.


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I've been using a red and near infrared panel from Platinum Therapy Lights for a couple of months, it's definitely helping, my Garmin watch stress score always shows more blue rest afterwards. Same goes for when I use a far infrared sauna.

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