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This is an odd development. I tried one of the "Liquid Oxygen" drops and it has a very good effect on me. Anyone else try the drops?

I also ordered one of the "Boost" oxygen canisters (which reminds me of some sci fi comedy show featuring canned air) :wacky: Those haven't yet arrived, but the liquid oxygen reddened my lips back to a healthy color after three uses, used twice a day. Also the dark circles under my eyes are much less, and the veins on my legs that show through the skin are about 50% less visible.

That's a dramatic difference. I don't know what it means fully, but I wanted to share the results. I do know that it is sometimes done to use an oxygen concentrator during times of activity for ME/CFS, but I wasn't expecting these fringe benefits. My reasoning for using oxygen was that it might slow the progress to AMPK formation (the "stop being active now" enzyme), and/or reduce lactic acid formation.

It smells a lot like Aquamira (the hiking water purifier that works via oxygen and also contains chlorine), but it's beyond me to calculate the proper concentration of Aquamira needed to have the same effect without hurting myself.

I wasn't honestly expecting it to have such a positive effect, here's an example of something that could easily be panned as a gimmick, but works. It doesn't seem to have any negative effect. I assume the chlorine is recycled by my body to form HCl in the stomach. I also like that the oxygen is delivered so close to my heart, although I suppose breathing it in from a canister is also very close. But a canister will have propellant that is not helpful like a small amount of chlorine is.

What do others think? Have you tried various methods of higher oxygen? Liquid, canister, or concentrator? What was your experience?

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