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  1. Eset Isadore

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    I’m wondering if anyone here with severe ME has gone to a rehabilitation facility within the US.

    Very soon, I will be heading to Los Angeles in order to receive a blood patch for a longterm CSF leak. We have just began a rapid search for a California-based rehabilitation facility that could care for me during the 4-8 week healing period afterwards, since I’ll need more than what my home environment can provide me.

    These environments are not designed for ME. We’re trying to figure out where I can go that my insurance will cover and that can be safe and truly healing for me.

    I’d love to hear from others with personal experiences!
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    @Eset Isadore
    Sorry I did not see your post until now. I suspect you have had your procedure and are settled in somewhere. I live in L.A., 45 years, and would have mentioned seeking a rehab in the SAN Fernando Valley. A close friend did well at Canyon Oaks in Canoga Park, but she had a broken ankle and hip, not M.E. If you are using the team from Cedars Sinai, have heard about them - great! God Bless and complete healing.
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    Thank you! I did have the procedure. Another may be ahead. After a six-night stay at Cedars, I was transferred to the California Rehabilitation Institute. Unfortunately, now that I’ve finally made headway in educating the staff, they told me today that they’re seeking to discharge me to another facility with more longterm care focus. I haven’t heard where and am very concerned about the energetic consequences of being transferred and beginning this whole process again. I’d love to learn of your recommendations if you’d be willing. Tomorrow they’ll call my insurance...
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    Gee, the place I originally thought of here in the San Fernando Valley would not support specialized neurological care I think. Would a center that specializes in Brain injury/spinal cord injury work better ? There is a CareMeridian group that specializes in the above and "medically Complex injury." But I have no personal recommendation on this CareMeridian group of rehab facilities.There are several CareMeridian places in Chatsworth ( a nice area - about a 1 hour drive to Cedars in decent traffic) I see CareMeridian in Artesia and La Habra Heights, L.A. Also one in Northridge, Ca - about 1 hour from Cedars. Also, one in Woodland Hills, Ca - also about 1 hour drive from Cedars.

    Also, not too far is Rancho Los Amigos. A friend was there ( young man/stroke) 20 years ago and it was top. But I have no idea now. In Downey. ( All these places are around L.A.)

    Seems you need a place that specializes in neurological issues ???

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    Thank you so much for these ideas! Yes, they’ll be looking at places with neurological specialization. I think I heard mention of Care Meridian. I appreciate your ideas, as at least that helps me look independently on my phone so I can have images and instincts in mind when they suggest actual places. Thank you!
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