Reovirus may trigger Celiac disease

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I'm getting really focused on the difference in my health between GF and non GF living. The difference is so profound, that I wonder if maybe I've missed a diagnosis of Celiac all this time. The effort it takes to do the GF thing correctly is huge though. I thought if others were questioning the advisability of it, they might check out a connection with another "ordinary" virus, this time a reovirus. Is there any research on reovirus and ME/CFS?

Mild Viral Infection May Trigger Celiac Disease Years Later

[article=]Mild Viral Infection May Trigger Celiac Disease Years Later

Ricki Lewis, PhD

April 10, 2017

Infection with the relatively innocuous reovirus may interfere with tolerance to food antigens and set the stage for — if not directly cause — celiac disease in genetically susceptible individuals, data from mice suggest.

The findings, published April 6 in Science, may have implications for preventing celiac disease.

"During the first year of life, the immune system is still maturing, so for a child with a particular genetic background, getting a particular virus at that time can leave a kind of scar that then has long term consequences. That's why we believe that once we have more studies, we may want to think about whether children at high risk of developing celiac disease should be vaccinated," said senior author Bana Jabri, MD, PhD, from the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center in Illinois, in a university news release.[/article]

Not dead yet!

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I really really hope they do a follow up study on enteroviruses and celiac. It might be the missing link between many things. Between celiac and me/cfs, between why wheat is "worse now" than it was before. It might explain so much. It explained a lot for me. I feel like some virus or other was too active and activated my pre existing celiac gene. It might explain why some people recover from colds and others don't. Or it might be a complication of many illnesses.

Considering I've been telling a doctor for years that "I feel poisoned after every meal" and none of them did more than test my basic liver /enzymes and then tell me I'm fine, this is hidden in plain sight.

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