Russian Develops Means of Measuring Energy Depletion in ME/CFS?


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It's an intriguing idea. Several studies suggest that oxygen - the key source of energy in the mitochondria - is not being utilized well in ME/CFS. Now a Russian physicist/programmer reports he's developed a device that measures cellular energy levels - and that according to this device they are low in chronic fatigue syndrome.

Georgy Rybalchenko earned a Doctor of Science degree at Hiroshima University in Japan. He has over 20 years of experience in the fields of theoretical and experimental physics and over 25 years as a programmer. You can contact him at
Health depends on cell energy levels

The notion of a body’s energy status has been around in medicine for a long time. Attempts have been made to study how it changes under the influence of various medical conditions. We have managed to come up with an effective method of assessing it.Energy is a physiological term. Energy is what a cell needs to continue to live and perform various tasks in a human body. It has nothing to do with extrasensory powers or other mystic phenomena.
We developed a device, called Kinoks γ4 that is capable of measuring a body’s energy status. It can be used to diagnose chronic fatigue syndrome and to treat diabetes and other conditions.

To find out a body’s energy status, a sample of venous blood is put into the Kinoks γ4 device, which measures how blood oxygenation depends on time. Some three to five minutes later, it produces a graph that makes it possible to trace irregularities in a body’s energy status.


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