Sara Myhill On Why Alcohol Intolerance is so Prevalent in ME/CFS

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  1. Cort

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    From Prohealth
    First off she mentions talking to a doctor who would not diagnose chronic fatigue syndrome UNLESS THERE WAS ALCOHOL INTOLERANCE - that was in the 80's!

    First she focuses on the gut...

    I think she's wrong. My alcohol intolerance occurs IMMEDIATELY.....long before it's gotten to the gut.

    Not suprisingly Dr. Myhill goes to the mitochondria next - in the brain. This fits my experience better.

    Then she goes to allergy - because of the fermentation done - certainly a possibililty but I handle other fermented products well.

    Then to low blood sugar - another possibility for me because some sweets knock me out immediately as well. Other times they don't but alcohol almost always does and with greater aggressiveness than sweets for sure. I think more is involved

    Her conclusion = perhaps we should be using this as a test? Fits me fine.

    Jarred Younger is studying alcohol intolerance now - can't wait to see what he comes up with.

  2. Katherine Autry

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    I don't know.....I've had alcohol intolerance for several years and i just keep getting worse, not recovering.....I am hopeful that my worsening of symptoms is a GOOD sign - a herx reaction that means the little buggers are dying in droves......but I just don't know how to tell.
  3. Ladyliegh

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    Can someone please elaborate on specifics on the symptoms of alcohol intolerance?
  4. kamodio

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    I don't know the official (if there is one) word on alcohol intolerance, but I will share what it means in my experience. I am a super lightweight- I feel the effects after one swallow! Not drunk at all but definitely a "whoo" to the brain. I also know that if I were to have an actual drink/6oz wine, I would absolutely have serious restless leg/body that night (which also happens sometimes anyway, so...). I just know that my body does not do well with alcohol.
  5. Katherine Autry

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    I think low temperature may be a common enough symptom to warrant testing as a marker. Not only is my body temp generally lower than "98.6", when I am in the midst of a crash, collapsed on the couch, it drops even lower, to 96 or so. Seems like there have been enough folks with "off" body temperature that it might be a really cheap diagnostic aid. Although anyone with autonomic nervous system dysfunction or untreated thyroid disease could also be caught in that net.
  6. Seven

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    My humble opinion is becuase of the vassodilation. If I drink on midodrine I tolerate better.
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    That makes a lot of sense. I spent many years taking SSRI's and had serious problems with alcohol.

    Since I quit antidepressants, I can tolerate alcohol consumption. :wacky:
  8. Paw

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    This piece is discussing chronic pain and FM, not ME, but it confirmed for me alcohol's potential benefits.

    I recently gave up my daily early-evening drink because I seemed to be having GABA balance issues. After abstaining for a month I realized my sleep was no better and my evening neurological symptoms seemed more pronounced. So I resumed my one-drink-per-evening routine and immediately saw its benefits.

    I had lost my appreciation of alcohol-as-medicine. Better now.