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If you don't know about the amazing Gottfries and his clinic read this blog

After decades of state funding Sweden is about to close the clinic in favor of a psychological approach. Please sign the petition to save the Gottfries clinic here

The Gottfries clinic is the leading ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia clinic in Sweden. It both treats patients and conducts biomedical research.

Politicians in Gothenburg, Sweden have now decided not to renew the contract with the clinic when it expires on 30 November 2016. Instead, it plans to announce a new procurement for the treatment of so-called MUS (medically unexplained symptoms). Their view is that ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia are not separate diagnoses but belongs to a group of illnesses called functional somatic syndromes, i.e., psychosomatic disorders. The premise is that these should be treated only with various forms of psychotherapy. The patients will have no biomedical treatment.

This is a scandalous decision which is based on an ignorance that is surprising. The decision was made by a committee that completely ignored the last ten years of research. There is now good evidence that both ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia are chronic, somatic diseases that have a devastating effect on patients' lives. To refuse to treat these patients medically is the equivalent of refusing to give Alzheimer patients other treatments than CBT, or to remove all MS patients' medications and just give them antidepressants. It is not compatible with Swedish law which states that everyone should be provided good health on equal terms.

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