Seeking advice Cfs/Me and Emf sensitivity


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Hello everyone,

My name is David

I am new to this forum

I am 33 years old

I think this is a case of

Cfs/me induced by emf

About a year ago while working

At delta airlines here in the atlanta

Airport i noticed that i started

Feeling weak in the break room

Disoriented and confused

Where high power microwave ovens

Were running simultaneosly

I started having muscle twitches

As well everyday to this day

Later that nignt it felt as

the nuerons were on fire

I had trouble sleeping and would

feel very wired and tired

Effects of radiation still stimulating

The cns while the body was

Tired feeling fried

I would wake up the following

morning and my parents footsteps

And doors opening and closing

started to sound lound.

From that day on i believe that

Is when CFS/me started

I was still able to walk several miles

A day in the forest and gradually

Became less

The more time i spent in nature

Walking barefoot grounded

I felt less inflammation and

Muscle tremors twitching reduced

The worse my emf sensitivity

Became when i returned

To the city as well as me symptoms

Cars honking felt much louder

Eventually i left the job

Now i mostly walk lightly for 5-10

Mins before crashing

I have to do pacing to function

Mother assists me with activites

Of daily living

I mostly try to avoid emf although

It is difficult.Wifi and Cell phones

Exposure tends to give me PEM

where i am bedridden after a few

hours of being in around public

Cell phones or wifi. I also find

That when there is sunlight and i am

Outside this mitigates some of the

effects and mitochondria is trying

To heal.I feel like more threshold

Before pem with the sun and trees

Surrounding the roads in rural


However my obamacare will run out

In March and if i dont have income

of 1200 a month by then i will not

Have health insurance.I have yet

To find a doc in georgia who treats

Cfs/me and can give you a diagnosis

My parents are moving to an

apartment in march that has even

More wifi and cell phones.

There also leaving next week to

Ethiopia and wondering if i should

Go with them with 1600 left in

The bank and unable to work due

To cfs/me

They are going for two weeks

My goal for going there would

Be to reverse cfs/me and emf

Effects on wellbeing

By the time they move into the

apartment by march i dont know

If i would get soc security soon

Enough to avoid high emf

I feel like i need to be in a low

Emf environment to recover from


I dont know by march if

Would get approved for any disabilty

Unless somehow an mri showed ms

Or other nuero conditon

The obamacare insurance docs

I dont think believe in cfs/me

Here in georgia as well as

Emf sensitivity

Same thing with ethiopia

I may have to rely on sunshine

And help from family to heal

I have a sense that this is caused by

Environment in my case

Although i have an option to

Get an mri to rule out MS or another

Nuerological condition that would

Qualify for disabilty.

Not sure if i should take the risk

And go with my parents to ethiopia?

And try to regain redox as dr kruse

Says being away from emf and more

Sunlight although after 6 months of

Money is gone and i stil have cfs/me

In a tough job environment that

would rough.

In summary

Living in the city around Emf
-Pem if i walk much longer than 10 mins or around wifi/cell phones for longer than a few hours
Q10 and bcaa sometimes help
-muscle ache and pain
-noise sensitivity-public restaraunts,
Bars are intolerable (i think this is the ME part of the conditon
everything seems loudetLr
-sensory overload:tv seems overstimulating after a certain point

Nuerologists just wants to prescribe

On a sunny day driving shirtless
In rural america symptoms feel
Much better

Although i sense that it would take
Consecutive days/weeks to
Regain lactate threshold and atp

And reverse the condition

I intuitively sense that is part

Of the road back to healing

Otherwise i am back to a cfs/me

I dont know if chollera,spirulina,and

Benonite clay can stop the root

Of a cfs/me caused by Emf

I think what i have is environmental
Sickness syndrome

With cfs/me you need someone to
Help you while recovering in a
Forest or quiet zone

My parents are not willing to
Stay with me in a quiet zone

Nor anyone that i know

Yet they are allowing me
To stay with them in the city

Which i appreciate

Appreciate any feedback

Thank you


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