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    I just had sinus surgery done on 9/26/18. I'm not sure how much it's going to help my CFS/fibro symptoms, but I'm hopeful that it will make a difference. I'm less than a week into recovery now, and I don't really expect to see changes until I'm mostly healed from the surgery, which takes about two weeks. There's some good research on PubMed showing improvements in pain, fatigue, and other quality-of-life factors after sinus surgery, so I'm hoping that will hold true for me also.

    I've written some blog posts about the process, so I'll refer you to those rather than rewrite what I've already written:
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    Last post in the series:

    Since no one has responded to my blog posts, I'll give a summary here.

    In July, I saw a holistic dentist to check for dental cavitations. He ordered a CT scan, and my jaw tissue looked healthy, so no cavitations! However, he noticed something suspicious in my right maxillary sinus that he thought could be an infection. I went to an ENT to look into that further. She scoped my nose and saw lots of inflammation in my nasal passages and down into my throat. She put me on a course of antibiotics to clear up any bacterial infections, and she also put me on prednisone and Flonase to get the inflammation under control (I felt great on day two of prednisone -- see this post). I went back for another CT scan after the antibiotics, but nothing had changed, so she thought I'd be a good candidate for sinus surgery. (That's really what I wanted anyway, because I figured if this was an infection, that could be the cause for my CFS and fibro symptoms, and there's no way to be sure what it is without doing surgery and cleaning it out.) She referred me to an ENT practice that did lots of those surgeries, since that wasn't her usual kind of work.

    The first ENT I saw at the next practice didn't want to do surgery until I had been on medical intervention for longer. He wasn't confident that it was an infection we were seeing. I did wait and stay on Flonase as directed, but rescheduled with a different ENT at the practice because I was annoyed by the first guy I saw. The second ENT I saw there felt confident that I had infections in my ethmoid and frontal sinuses, and wanted to go forward with surgery. I had sinus surgery on September 26, 2018. However, the pathology report showed no sign of infection in the material removed during surgery, so I kind of feel like I went through all that trouble and expense for nothing. I had expected this surgery to be a sort of miracle cure for me, but if there was no infection to start with then I was still without an explanation for my symptoms.
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    Don't you hate when that happens! Surgery for no reason (lol). Still it was a good try and the sinuses can really harbor some nasty bugs. Here's one person it did work for
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    Yeah, it's frustrating, but you don't know until you do it. As an added bonus, I have developed a perforated septum since the surgery, so now my nose whistles. It's lovely trying to fall asleep with that noise in your head.
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