Skin issues and old product

Bobby Brooks

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1) New to MMS and activator. Someone gave me 2 bottles a couple years ago. They had been refrigerated but have not been now for at least a year. Are they still useable??

2) can someone recommend how to start using. 70 year old male in good health generally. Take no internal medication, not Vaxxed, but have bad dermatitis on back of head and a few other areas. Dry skin generally. Currently started using some dermatologist products short term to try to control although I don’t really like to as I know the skin is an organ and can absorb eventually into the bloodstream from what I understand. Can the MMS/activator also be used externally to help with this? Pls provide simple details if you know.


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I had severe rashes that cleared up totally when I got off Gluten. Hope this might be of help to you.


Not MMS again!! These people never give up! MMS is nothing but a strong bleach solution! One known to cause irreversible kidney damage. "One of the most popular therapies within alternative cancer medicine is a product known as Miracle Mineral Supplement or Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS). MMS is sodium chlorite in water, but most products instruct users to mix MMS with citric acid- containing juices, such as orange or lemon juice. The citric acid induces a reaction which converts the sodium chlorite to chlorine dioxide, a potent bleaching agent. The product claims that, by drinking this solution of chlorine dioxide, diseases such as cancer can be removed from the body. Due to the popularity of this therapy, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a press release in August 2019 warning consumers about the dangers of MMS, including extreme nausea, vomiting, as well as life-threatening liver failure and low blood pressure." Please don't take this!

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