Skip Pridgen MD, Daniel Dantini MD and Martin Lerner MD


So, in my quest to find answers, 3 years ago I found Dr. Learner, unfortunately he's dead. I then found Skip Pridgen's approach and protocol, almost the same as Learner's, viral. I liked Pridgen's approach so I booked a flight from Dana Point to Birmingham AL. and saw him (June 2018). I've been on his protocol for the past 6 months now and have had a follow up phone appt. with him last month. I was only getting relief from the pain, not from my CFS, IBS, and all the other related symptoms so he switched my anti-viral medication and I'm continuing on his protocol.

Last week I purchased Daniel Dantini's book (Viral again) and read it in a couple of hours. I'm thinking of adding his theory to the mix of Pridgen's protocol and getting some virus testing done along with food allergy testing, plus Dantini's theory doesn't include all the same viruses as Pridgen.

Any thoughts on Daniel Dantini's approach. It seems reasonable to add it to the protocol I'm taking from Pridgen,,,, the food allergy testing and food avoidance.

I'm at my wits end here. I'm getting some relief from the pain but the IBS, CFS, etc. is still there. My life revolves around my physical symptoms and if I don't get some relief soon,,,,, well,, I'll stop there.

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Hi Dan,

Just want to share with you about some information you might be interested in regarding viruses. I've been on an anti-viral program (natural anti-virals) following the recommendations made by Anthony William. His first book.."Chronic Mystery Illness" is by far the best book I've read on herpetic viruses...........he talks mainly about EBV but does mention others. He believes these viruses are behind CFS. The information in the book blew me away and finally allowed me to connect all the dots as to why I was so ill.

I know that this does not address your post.............but I promised myself that if I ever got better..........I would share with others what helped.

I understand your statement "My life revolves around my physical symptoms and if I don't get some relief soon......well I'll stop there." (I have felt this too many times). I have healed enough with the anti-viral program that I no longer feel that way. I really didn't think after 20 yrs of feeling very very ill that I could get better. Am I cured? No..........but I feel like I am no longer suffering. I'm still on the healing journey and hope to keep climbing the ladder.

If you would like more info........please feel free to PM me. Actually..........I went ahead and PM'd you.


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Thanks Tammy;

I can see why you don't get many responses back from suggesting Anthony Williams approach to the illness. Just took a quick look and will spend more time on his website later today. I'm not against trying anything different or outside the box. It's all a mystery to me.

Thanks again,

Dan - AKA tdhcsc


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'm not against trying anything different or outside the box. It's all a mystery to me.
His recommendations aren't really outside the box...........natural anti-virals, supplements to support methylation, supplements to support immune system, etc. etc.................however the way he gets the information would definitely be considered outside the box.
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I agree his recommendations aren't 'outside the box' and that whenever you can go the natural way it's more akin to the way nature intended. (an analogy) On the other hand when you have a large nail you don't beat it in with a small hammer and this is a very large nail.

Celery,,,, We eat quite a bit as my wife likes it a lot for its natural and holistic properties.

Then again, how he gets his information is quite a bit outside the box and a bit scary.

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