Social Security Administration ME/CFS data tracking pilot programs

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    Yesterday I got an update from Solve ME/CFS Initiative. One of the articles was titled “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Advisory Committee Meeting.” It was an article about the Federal Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Advisory Meeting held in June. (see web link at the end of this post)

    An image called “Prototype States” caught my eye. I am in one of the prototype states (Louisiana). It says the SSA is “running ME/CFS data tracking pilot programs.” What does that mean? What data are they tracking?

    I am wondering if I should talk to my doctor about this. Do I push to get counted? Is anyone else in one of these states?

    Do any of you have any information about this program?

    (I wanted to put a screen shot of the map with prototype states but I do not see a way to insert a jpg image - Does anyone know how to do this?)