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Research Director
Solve ME/CFS Initiative
Tuesday, April 21, 2015
Los Angeles, CA
Life Sciences, Bioinformatics, Biomedical Sciences, Biotechnology, Cell Biology, Computational Biology, Endocrinology, Epigenetics, Genetics, Genomics, Immunology, Molecular Biology, Neuroscience, Proteomics, Virology, Health Sciences, Clinical Research, Diagnostics, Healthcare, Preclinical Development, Translational Research
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Group Leader/Principal Investigator, Other, Research Scientist
Full time, salaried position with benefits
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Attractive aspects of this position

  • A complex, poorly understand disease that is poised to take advantage of recent scientific breakthroughs, including bioinformatics.
  • An entrepreneurial, creative organization that seeks to move forward the science, on behalf of the patients it serves, with a new action-oriented CEO from the for-profit sector.
  • Built on the foundation of a professional board, all of whom have a patient in their family, and all of whom are highly committed to solving this disease.
  • Inheriting a solid, well-respected research program, with the opportunity to shape it and continue to grow its effectiveness.
  • Work with a prestigious Research Advisory Council
Job concept:

  • As a senior director of SMCI’s research program, using innovative, collaborative approaches to advance scientific and medical research toward solving ME/CFS/SEID.
  • Serve as the organization’s expert on ME/CFS research, both science and medicine.
  • Work with colleagues to make that expertise effective and useful, both inside and outside the organization.
  • With the CEO, serve as an organizational leader, focused on the organization’s mission and success.
  • Manage the organization’s research program and investments.
Success in the job defined as:

  • Manages SMCI’s research programs and BioBank effectively to meet the needs of ME/CFS patients.
  • Maintains currency on research developments in the ME/CFS field.
  • Can pull together disparate science and medical concepts, understand research value and conceive of new approaches that advance the field in order to benefit patients.
  • Develops and maintains relationships of credibility and trust both inside and outside the organization.
  • With CEO, optimizes use of the organization’s financial resources to achieve research objectives.
  • Ensures that SMCI’s research program is effective and respected externally.
  • Ensures that our research program is understood internally and externally.
  • Works with the Director of Engagement and Communication to ensure that we have access to the appropriate patients and controls.
  • Partners with the Director of Development to grow research program funds. Works to secure NIH grant funding with appropriate partners.
Provides research knowledge and support internally to build financial resources and communicate research effectively.

Relationships with others in the organization:

  • Staff
  • CEO – reports to CEO.
  • Director of Development – Provides information on scientific and medical matters as requested. Maintains relationships with selected, focused donors and prospects. Speaks to donors/potential donors at cultivation events.
  • Director of Engagement/Communication – Provides research knowledge so that Engagement can translate it to lay people. Proposes content for organization outreach and communications. Works with media as coordinated by the Director of Communications and Engagement
  • CFO – provides financial and contractual information on a timely basis.
  • BioBank coordinator – Responsible for the coordinator’s effectiveness in defining and accomplishing his/her responsibilities. Defines job responsibilities and reviews performance.
  • The Board and Research Committee – works through the CEO to provide the board with information on research programs and current state of the science/medicine for SEID. With CEO, respond to board requests in a timely fashion. Makes recommendations regarding the organization’s research direction and priorities based on input from the RAC executive committee.
  • Research Advisory Committee – with the CEO, manages priorities and work of the RAC. Maintains relationships with RAC members.
Relationships outside the organization.

  • Provides research direction to the newly formed Research Alliance. Helps grow the Alliance to become the pre-eminent ME/CFS research program in the world.
  • Donors and Potential donors – Participates in educating patients and potential donors about SEID research, both SMCI research programs and other relevant research, as specified by CEO. Speaks at SMCI Research Roundtables. Cultivates relationships as requested by the CEO or Director of Development.
  • SMCI-funded research. Supervises grants/contracts and evaluates the effectiveness of each project to the Board, at least annually.
  • Researchers in the field. Maintains relationships to understand their work and identify opportunities for potential collaborations.
  • Federal
  • Upon request, represents SMCI on task forces related to ME/CFS (CFSAC subcommittees, P2P).
  • Forges relationships with appropriate federal agencies.
  • Stays current on funding opportunities and writes successful grants.
Key attributes and competencies:

  • Commitment to the organization’s mission. Deep desire to find solutions for ME/CFS patients.
  • Professional degree (PhD strongly preferred) in one of the following disciplines: virology, molecular pathophysiology, immunology, molecular biology, physiology, endocrinology, neurology or related disciplines
  • Understanding of both the science and the medical aspects of ME/CFS/SEID, experience in a clinical setting highly desirable. (Much understanding may be learned on the job.)
  • Master’s in Public Health also helpful.
  • Strong interdisciplinary understanding among related research fields.
  • Excellent writing and presentation skills
  • Experience writing and winning grants
  • Some management experience (e.g. managing SMCI’s BioBank)
  • The ability to think creatively regarding research.
  • Commitment to transparency and integrity.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, both inside and outside the organization.
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