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The SMCI group was told that there is a renewed NIH commitment to ME/CFS research.

Carol Head and Zaher Nahle meet with NIH officials recently and they said this about their meeting: see below

On Oct. 6, SMCI President Carol Head, Research Director Dr. Zaher Nahle and Board members Diane Bean and Christine Williams met with NIH officials regarding ME/CFS research and how to increase NIH funding so that it is more consistent with the number of Americans who suffer from the disease—between 836,000 and 2.5 million according to this year’s Institute of Medicine report.

The SMCI group was told that there is a renewed NIH commitment to ME/CFS research. NIH staff in the meeting also encouraged the submission of NIH grant proposals by ME/CFS investigators through the parent grant funding opportunity announcements:

The Solve ME/CFS Initiative has agreed to provide suggestions for individuals to serve on the ME/CFS Special Emphasis Panel that reviews the grants submitted to NIH. The Panel has been functioning since 1998.

NIH also agreed to work with the Solve ME/CFS Initiative and ME/CFS investigators to direct trainees and young investigators to funding opportunities that have been designed for these groups of researchers.

The Solve ME/CFS Initiative and NIH agreed to have a follow-up conference call to continue the conversation and identify areas of potential partnership.

This is what stood out for me. SMCI is being quite tight-lipped about what happened at the meeting. We didn't even learn who they met with (Collins or ???) ....Tight-lippedness could be a good sign. The SMCI didn't report on the attempt to get ME/CFS into the Neurological Institute. That was surely THE major point of the meeting yet they said nothing about it. If the attempt had failed - we would surely know. The fact that they said nothing indicates it's still a possibility.

We have told that we would know about the move sometime around now. We'll see what a "renewed commitment" to ME/CFS looks like.

Glad they got in there - took the trip from LA to DC and met.

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