Stigma in Disability benefits for people with Migraine

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    There was a migraine summit earlier this year and one of the speakers made a very good case for how people with the disease of migraine headaches are systematically stigmatized, not so much in society, but throughout the medical system. For instance Worker's Comp only compensates for 5% of a person's income for Migraine. And Social Security doesn't even have a disability definition for Migraine. Most people with Migraine use the depression definition, despite obvious problems with that, for instance, depression drugs have a notoriously negative effect on people with Migraine.

    I wasn't able to find any transcript for free of the stigma talk given at the Migraine Summit in 2018, but I did find another analysis here, and I thought some people might find it useful, especially if you're navigating a disability case.
    (Scroll down to "Domains of Stigma" to get to the meaty bits quicker.)
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