Stopping Recurrent Noroviruses

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    I am looking for any ways to cut these down. Anyone with same and any success. Last yr they were the worst onslaught - from June until autumn.
    I don't know if virus stays in the body [eg colon], and symptoms recur due to over activity, or if the virus mutates in others and I pick it up again [second and third usually less severe]. Since I live alone, have no support, it usually occurs 24 hrs [dont have someone to shop] after a visit to the doctor, chemist or supermarket. My theory is the virus is airborne, since I spend most days hand washing/using bleach sprays. NHS/GP blood & stool tests show up normal. GP refuses me Immun/Virol-ologist appt.
    If I get private tests, what do I ask they look for?
    I am either going down with one, or getting over a bout - eg 4 wk plus durations. [fever, sore throat, cough, irritated painful eyes & headaches, runny nose, stomach upset, acute fatigue, acute muscle/joint pain...].
    I have been taking chopped garlic and vit c powder after meals, but cant say its really helped, plus all the usual vitamins/zinc etc. Fermented veg, kefir & yoghurt - no help. Beta Glucans - no change.
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    Antiviral Effects of Houttuynia cordata Polysaccharide Extract on Murine Norovirus-1 (MNV-1)—A Human Norovirus Surrogate

    Oregano essential oil can inactivate human norovirus. Liposomal Oregano would probably be best.
    Curcumin has some effect against norovirus.
    Curcumin (from Turmeric) Shows Antiviral Properties against Norovirus
    There are a number of essential oils which have antiviral effects. Because they are oils they tend to coalesce and therefore will not cover an area very well. Making the essential oils into liposomes keeps the oil dispersed ie encapsulated into liposomes which avoids them coalescing and joining together.
    Inactivation of Norovirus by Lemongrass Essential Oil Using a Norovirus Surrogate System.
    Comparative Study on the Antiviral Activity of Selected Monoterpenes Derived from Essential Oils
    Tea Tree essential oil is effective against SOME viruses but might not work with norovirus.
    How to Make Liposomal Essential Oils at Home: Ultrasonic Method Tutorial

    Usnea lichen has antiviral properties but my notes do not include anything on norovirus. So does Green Tea EGCG but again not specifically mentioning norovirus.

    It might be worth looking at Herbal AntiVirals by Stephen Harrod Buhner. There are quite a few herbs with antiviral effects so it might be worth you looking into that.
    Inhibitory mechanism of five natural flavonoids against murine norovirus
    Quercetin was one of the flavonoids and also EGCG/ECG from green tea.

    Lysine can be helpful for some viruses but I do not know whether it is helpful for norovirus and I have no further time to investigate.

    Last of all, viruses do not cause CFS, the cause is bacterial/yeast/fungi which I am working on solving/destroying ATM. I realise that you are only experiencing gasto problems with viruses but it is merely the immune dysfunction caused by elevated cytokines which lead to their proliferation and prevents the immune system from keeping them in check. Lowering cytokines helps all aspects of CFS, including ATP mitochondrial energy production which is also affected by cytokines.

    Chinese Skullcap (Scutellaria Baicalensis) has some antiviral properties and also helps to improve/normalise cytokine production. The best for cytokine reduction is Cordyceps mushroom but high doses are required for substantial effect. I have an extract form (30% polysaccarides) and anything more than small amounts ie 250mg makes me sleep. Taking it before bed would be a good idea and then small doses during the day.
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    I have the oregano herbs and oil, adaptogens, elderberry... and other [wild/other] herbs.
    I disagree on ME (as I refer to it) not being caused by a virus, mine began after E. Barr illness at college in 1993. A few years ago some experts claimed ME was a strain of polio. Unlesss you are an expert with proven data, you cant state that as fact -
    re you say ''Last of all, viruses do not cause CFS, the cause is bacterial/yeast/fungi which I am working on solving/destroying ATM.''
    ''I realise that you are only experiencing gasto problems...'' No, I am not 'only experiencing...' - I have a tested norovirus.

    There's also the CFS or CF,* which isn't true ME which starts with, or is centred on, a psychological issue (eg. PTSD/Trauma Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) - imo - and we get wrongly diagnosed, or classified into the same pigeon hole. [For those in the UK, and no doubt elsewhere too, this issue/obstacle is always near the surface. NHS uses the same methods to 'help' both]
    - the other CF/CFS view by Psychiatrists
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