Sub Anesthetic Doses of Ketamine Reduce Migraine and Chronic Pain

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    This finding presented at a conference suggested that you don't need to be knocked out to benefit from Ketamine. Medscape reported from the American Academy of Pain Management (AAPM) 2016 Annual Meeting that a Dr. Ready is using small amounts of ketamine introduced nasally (10-50mg) to help reduce migraine aura and breakthrough pain.
    Ready suggested the treatment be tried in patients not responding to other pain relievers

    "Ketamine is not for all patients. "It's not something you want to pull out for everyone, but it might it be useful for someone not getting better with typical treatments like the abortives such as triptans or some of the nonsteroidal products such as aspirin or ibuprofen. For these patients, "you don't want to go to the other medications that have been shown to induce migraine progression such as the opiates."

    He suggested that Ketamine be compounded and/or used in nasal sprays or creams.

    A neurologist at the conference, Hisham Hakim, MD, chairman, American Spine Center, Birmingham, Alabama, agreed that Ketamine presented a possibility for headache patients.

    Ketamine was one of the top drugs that ME/CFS pioneer Dr. Jay Golstein used in his chronic fatigue syndrome patients years ago.