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I thought I'd start a thread with the places I use to get supplements. These places have the best pricing and shipping. I'm talking about in the US but some of these places do ship internationally. These are mostly what I use since I'm cheap and hate to pay for shipping. has good prices, free shipping, free returns, no tax, autodelivery, points accumulation and a referral program. They frequently have coupons for discounts and you can google to find some too.

Iherb has ok pricing, free shipping if over $20, quantity discount pricing and they do ship int'l for pretty cheap.

Vitacost has good prices but minimum $49 to get free shipping. BOGO a lot and free shipping on Vitacost brand. Also ships Intl.

Swanson Vitamins has good prices, minimum $50 for free shipping. Coupons

Amazon Subscribe and Save has great prices and free shipping. Search Subscribe and Save and then what you want. You set up how many you want, how often you want. They have by far the best prices if they have it.

Ebay has some good prices. I've found I can get more expensive things on eBay then other places.

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I just happened on this place today. Haven't bought anything but I might. Seems to have some higher end brands.

Free shipping and discounts on quantity. Point system too. Only issue is returns (restocking and shipping deduction) but if you know what you want this could be good.

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