Supplements to help lower cholesterol?


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I was watching Mark Hyman last night on PBS, and he mentioned a very large study that was done which involved thousands of people consuming 1 quart of olive per week (which contains 20% saturated fat). At the end of the study, cholesterol levels on average had been reduced by 30%, which apparently is what is normally achieved with statin drugs. -- Conventional wisdom on cholesterol seems to be ever-changing.​


EDIT: I've also heard that some health care practitioners will actually advise their patients with high cholesterol levels to increase their levels of saturated fats, which can often (paradoxically) lower their cholesterol levels. I met a woman in a checkout stand who, when seeing the eggs I was buying, mentioned that whenever her cholesterol levels start going up, she eats LOTs of eggs, which then brings her levels back down to normal. Go figure!

I eat a lot of saturated fat in the form of coconut and ghee, it raises my LDL but also HDL. The ratio remains normal.


Gamma Oryzanol is one to look at as well. It also has some potentially useful effects in boosting neurotransmitters, particularly dopamine, and potentially some anti-inflammatory and anabolic actions. It may also be useful for relieving menopause symptoms.

Lowers cholesterol
Gamma oryzanol apparently influences the metabolism and excretion of cholesterol by inhibiting cholesterol absorption, increasing both the conversion of cholesterol to bile acids, and the excretion of bile acids. (8) , (9) , (10)

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As much as you hate them, red yeast rice with nattokinase and added coq10 dropped my numbers significantly.

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