Suzanne Vernon and Dr. Bateman Reach Out to Senator Hatch


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Senator Hatch is a biggie...He's . the second-highest-ranking official of the United States Senate and the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee.

Suzanne Vernon and Lucinda Bateman met with this aids about the CDC program and more. It sounded like it went well.

What's really interesting about this whole CDC imbroglio to me is how much more people on the Hill know about ME/CFS because of it. If we get the CDC program back - and hopefully we will - this whole thing will have turned out to be a good thing! How about that!;)

. Senator Hatch’s aides were attentive, concerned and asked great questions. The asked about the CDC program and we told them that dollars specific for ME/CFS research at CDC had been included in the Appropriations bill since 1990 (Ted Van Zelst made this happen). They asked why having ME/CFS in an institute was better than having in the Office of the Director and we told them that when a disease is part of an Institute mission statement, it is more likely to have dedicated funds to research it.

We are following up with Senator Hatch and will continue to advocate with evidence so that our legislators provide the policies that will help the medical and scientific communities identify the diagnostic markers and effective treatments for ME/CFS.

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