Swedish Conference featuring Hornig and Peterson to Focus on Severely ill


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Hopefully a video will be available afterwards. Video's from this conference have been posted before - I believe.

The invisible - a conference on severe ME / CFS and the way forward

Autumn large conference is a standalone follow-up to last year's seminar on children and young people with ME / CFS. This year's conference focuses on the most seriously ill patients. The conference is part of the training days RME Sweden arranges, in both Stockholm and Gothenburg, during the week of the 43rd

An estimated nearly 25 percent of the patients concerned by the severe ME / CFS. It often means a life of isolation, darkness and silence. In a body that slowly fades away. The caregiver rarely make house calls, and these patients are very difficult to get the help they need. The patients are not seen by society and often betrayed by health care. But what can we do to change the situation for the sick, who themselves often feel they already have one foot on "the other side" ...?

One of the highlights of the list of speakers is Dr. Mady Hornig of the Center for Infection and Immunity, Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University, USA. Furthermore lecturing one of the most experienced ME / CFS doctors in the world, the American Dr. Daniel Peterson from Simmaron Research.

The well-known profile of Professor Leonard Jason of DePaul University in Chicago, will also be with us via Skype. For the first time, we can also introduce Dr. Lena Nilsson and Dr. Ulla Lindblom, who represents the new ME / CFS reception Stora Sköndal outside Stockholm.

The conference conducted mainly in English. This is the autumn "must-conference" for those who work with the neurologist patients or patients with autoimmune conditions in primary care, specialist care or home health care!For further information about arrangements, please contact President Lisa Forstenius on 0733-10 04 24 or lisa.forstenius@rme.nu .

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