Swelling and numbness in face (and other parts of body)?


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New member here! With my me/cfs I experience severe flu like symptoms that never fully clear up (not the typical post exertional fatigue). One of the stranger things that has happened to me since my diagnosis is a numbness and swelling in my back, neck, and face. I can pinpoint the day I got sick and the facial swelling started almost immediately (something that was reminiscent of when I was first diagnosed with mono a couple years prior). It is pretty mild but noticeable to myself, people who know me well, and if people are looking at my face long enough and is worst at my jaw on both sides. Although when I have my really flu fare ups it gets much puffier, almost making my face distorted, and feels really tight and uncomfortable (not to mention it makes me a lot more self conscious) and has almost a tingly or buzzing sensation. The swelling is accompanied by a loss of sensation, that is also present in my neck and back (as well as other parts of my body that swell up).

Has anyone else every had experience with this? Anything that has helped? Etc....?

Just trying to understand what is going on as my doctors typically just shrug their shoulders at this aspect of my illness. (I am 24 and previously incredibly active and healthy so this year has been challenging to get doctors to take me seriously as I "seem and look healthy" to them).


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y (something that was reminiscent of when I was first diagnosed with mono a couple years prior).
Mono = EBV in your system and may be the root cause of your CFS and the current symptoms you are referring to.

This is what Anthony William (medical medium) says about numbness/tingling: "When EBV's neurotoxins inflame nerves, tingles and numbness can result. If this symptom occurs in the tongue or face, the vagus nerve is inflamed. If it's in the hands or arms, the phrenic nerves, which run through the chest, are inflamed. If the tingling and/or numbness occurs in the legs and feet, the neurotoxins are inflaming the pudendalnerve, tibial nerve, and / or sciatic nerve."

According to Anthony, the swelling/edema can also be a result of EBV. "As with mystery weight gain, a liver that's filled with viral sewage from EBV becomes sluggish or even stagnant, handing off its filtration duties to the lymphatic system, which in turn retains pockets of fluid because it's not equipped to process this large-scale waste matter."

What has helped my symptoms the most (and I've had those symptoms and more.. is getting my viral load down. I've been able to do that with the recommendations I've learned from Anthony William. It hasn't been an easy healing journey but well worth it as I now feel like life is worth living for.



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@Tammy7 thanks! by far the best explanation for those issues so far. Does not make it any less frustrating though. I have looked into and read a bit about Anthony's protocols and definitely mix some in with the rest of my healing/treatment plan. What a terrible virus! :(


Yes, I have face,leg and hands swelling also. The face swellings might have to do with nasal allergies too. My face always puffs up if I am around dust or perfume.


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Thanks for the informative posts above. I nearly died from EBV at age 33. I never fully recovered.

I'm now 56 and wonder if the various symptoms are still EBV related.

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