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I am new to this forum (36y Male) and wanted to self diagnosis because of next available appointment is weeks away. Below are my symptoms and need your opinion :

1. Kind of no issues as soon as woke up but definitely sleep issues like moving around and on CPAP because of sleep apnea.
2. Once woke up if I dont eat breatfast in 1 hour I will feel extremely fatigued and also body weakness.
3. Once eating breakfast with banana I will feel normal (still mild fatigue throughout day)
4. If I dont eat anything between 7:30 to 11:30 till lunch again I will have extreme fatiguness and loss of concentration at my work. I wont be able to focus at all on what our peers are talking in meeting or face to face.
5. If I eat some snacks in the middle before lunch and drink lots of water then i will go to better shape same as step 3
6. Afternoon post lunch again I have eat small snacks to get back energy and focus with some suragy fruits
7. On top of all above issues I have mild memory loss , loss of concentration focus and 4-5 seconds muscle twitches in random places including bottom while sitting and tingling sensations in head. I also get muscle pain aftet long walk at calfs and on shoulders or arms if i use hands for long time like holding a baby or boxes. I have sciatic pain which is very mild and i noticed because its only on right leg from buttuck till foot, occassional neck pain, passing gas and swollen armpits and lymp nodes unconfortness near jaw under chin.

My most concerning part is extreme fatigue during day, brain fog and these twitches which stop when i move body or they stop after few seconds. This fatiguness is going on from at least 2 years but its worsening now. Please help if this is CFS or Fibro or ALS??
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Have you had bloodwork done? Endocrinology consultation? The low hanging fruit would be thyroid, adrenals, any deficiencies in the blood. ALS can be tested for a dx as well. So can MS.

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