Fibromyalgia "Tailored" Acupuncture


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This recent study finds short-term and long-term fibromyalgia relief with acupuncture -- if the acupuncture is tailored properly to the individual patient.

Even though tailoring is supposedly the key new ingredient, the study write-up does not give a sense of how practitioners do such tailoring.

I've never tried acupuncture but I'm about to -- at the suggestion of my traditional physical therapists, who are flummoxed by my condition. Wondering if others here with FM (or ME, for that matter) have suggestions for approaching an acupuncturist so that s/he will "tailor" properly?


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hey @Paw my friend who has FM has been going to an accupuncturist regularly for a while now. She says it's very helpful for the pain in her legs (it relaxes the chronic muscle tension or sth). I don't know about the tailoring - I'd say if an accupuncturist really knows his stuff, he'll know what needs to be done. Tailoring imo is a vital component of accupuncture in order for it to be successful. Cause we're all different! :)


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bobby, thanks, good to hear. And I agree; I would have thought "tailored" was the norm. But this research was purportedly important because past studies had not shown clear evidence that acupuncture helps FM pain. The difference now was "tailoring." Weird.

Who Me? -- yes I was just following your lead. Next I'll have to learn to create your fancy @Person tags. Must be some sophisticated Tweeter skill you kids have figured out?

Who Me?

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@Paw You must put an @ sign in front of username for them to get an actual alert. I was asked to change my avatar because newbies might find it too offensive. Lol

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