Testing for Craniocervical instability in UK


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I am asking for my partner, who I think it would be worth having tested for Craniocervical instability or related conditions like Chiari though I think that is less likely. But if we do get a scan it would be foolish to limit it to one specific condition.

I don't know what the chances are that she has craniocervical instability, but my suspicions are strong enough I think it is worth testing for and if necessary paying for it privately.

I responded to a tweet by Jennifer Brea Jen Brea's tweet and got a reply from someone in the UK mentioning a company called Medserena that does open and upright MRI scans who should be able to do what is needed. I have asked questions about what is appropriate to research before approaching them but I feel like I am running blind.

The following are the questions I asked of the original person who mentioned Medserena but I'm guessing they've been too ill to have the energy to reply.

"Did you speak to a Doctor beforehand about cranio cervical instability? Was that your NHS doctor or a private one? If private how did you find the private one? If NHS were you able to get them to give you advise?"

"Or did you just find Medserena yourself and pay with a self referral?"

"With Medserena did they review the results for you and were you able to make it clear what you were concerned about and what to be looking for? Were you satisfied with the way they reviewed the results? If not did you go elsewhere and how did that work?"

"Did Medserena make the full results available to you so that you could get an alternative analysis of the images?"

Medserena have a facility in Manchester in the UK, which will be reasonably accessible to us in Sheffield. So we would go there.

I would like to know what others experiences are in the UK, are people aware of alternatives to Medserena? Does anyone have a ballpark figure of how much the scan and analysis will cost. At the moment I know nothing.

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