The BHT Book by Steven Fowkes (free!)


Anyone tried BHT?

This book offers a biologically sustainable solution to chronic viral disease.

That solution involves shifting your metabolism (i.e., correcting a metabolic imbalance that makes you vulnerable to viruses) by

1) taking a drug, BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene), an FDA-approved food preservative, and/or
2) using a “natural” combination of foods, nutrients, hormones, and/or lifestyle factors.

The metabolic shift is experientially subtle. Many people cannot tell that there is a change, other than through a cessation of symptoms. But some people will see other changes, like improvements in skin quality, reduced asthma symptoms, improved wellbeing, decreased sensitivity to cold weather, better sleep, and/or migraine headaches that decrease in severity and frequency.

The metabolic shift is sustainable. In other words, it is fully in accordance with “natural” processes of biology, which minimizes side effects that might otherwise be associated with therapies directed only at symptoms. When done properly, this metabolic shift does not induce compensation by body homeostatic mechanisms that are trying to restore “balance.”

The program is easy in that is can be as simple as taking one to four 250-mg capsules of BHT every day (90% effectiveness). Or it can be a bit more complicated, like combining the BHT with a few extra dietary supplements (99% effectiveness).

Or, it can be even more complicated, by not taking BHT and relying entirely upon nutrition, exercise, supplements and hormone replacement therapies, probably with comparable results. Because human metabolism is complex, the program that you choose to implement can also be complex. But it can be simple and easy, if you need it to be simple and easy.

Bottom line, it doesn’t have to be any more complicated than what actually works for you.

You can accept the results by the mere cessation of symptoms, or you can verify the results by before- and-after PCR testing.

The program is broadly applicable to many viral conditions. It has been successfully applied to recurring herpes, shingles, herpes encephalitis, raging intestinal CMV, and hepatitis C.

The program is inexpensive in that a year’s supply of BHT typically costs about $10 (in bulk) or $50 (in capsules). The supplements and hormones could cost about $100 to maybe $1000 per year. The dietary changes might add a few hundred dollars, but could save a few hundred dollars. Such costs are inexpensive compared to the cost of medical insurance and the cost of medical expenses associated with the metabolic imbalance that is almost always associated with chronic viral disease. (BTW: This also relates to asthma, migraine headaches, autoimmune disease, hiccups, panic disorders and known risk factors for the majority of cancers.)

It will take the rest of this book to lay out the details of how, what, and why. Please keep reading.

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