The Difference Maker: Llewellyn King Interviews David Systrom

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    Systrom, a pulmonologist, came out of nowhere but is now doing some of the most important work in ME/CFS. Not only has he, with his invasive exercise tests, documented why exercise is such a problem in ME/CFS but he's teamed up with Anne Oaklander, a fibromyalgia researcher to uncover evidence of small fiber neuropathy which they think may be behind the energy production problems in ME/CFS. Plus check out Systrom's upcoming treatment trial and his ideas for future research.[/b]
    On top of all that this well-known pulmonologist has become a real advocate for ME/CFS.

    Watch the video and check out three Health Rising blogs on Systrom's work.…/exercise-intolerance-fibrom…/…/invasive-exercise-tests-chr…/…/mestinon-chronic-fatigue-va…/
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    Thanks Cort, I learned a lot from this -- especially how so many conditions and bodily systems overlap. My neurologist spoke of my small-fiber neuropathy as if it were an isolated condition causing FM, rather than contributing to my autonomic neuropathy, oxygenation problems, PEM, etc.

    Makes me want to try pyridostigmine, since Systrom reports pretty high rates of improvement. I notice it's available at online pharmacies. Hmm.
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    Yes. I tried it without effect but I may have gotten dosing wrong. I would love to see him :)
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