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Since June I have had severe right sided neck and skull pain. So much so that my sleep has been affected. I kept changing pillows and most nights it is impossible to sleep on my right side. This extends into the mastoid. I developed a 3 month sinus infection with the right sinus almost totally impacted according to the X-ray, when I finally went to urgent care. I had tried steam and hot packs. I iced my neck and skull. The PA Rx potent antibiotics and Sudafed. When I asked her about the skull pain all she said was - you have sinuses there also. (I cannot see the connection between frontal sinuses and the brain sinus at the back of my head.). My left ear was also so severely blocked that my hearing was affected.

Infection finally improved and neck skull pain are better most days. The ear congestion finally broke free one night. At times with all of that I felt “congestion of the brain area”, pressure in the skull. With crashes and brain fog I occasionally feel this congestion/blockage in my brain area. I say that because it seems to encompass my lower brain with pressure around each ear.

Could this possibly be vagus nerve congestion? What is the latest on vagus nerve stimulation. I can find nothing current on this subject. My dizziness and vertigo are always so much worse, my heart is affected as is my breathing and digestive issues.


Check these links. Sounds like Intracranial Hypertension (IIH) Could be Intracranial Hypotension as well as a cerebral spinal fluid leak that hasn't gotten bad enough to leak out your nose or ears yet.

All of the above can put pressure on parts of the brain that can effect other parts of your body, All the symptoms you mentioned are classic for this problem. Good luck getting diagnosed and don't believe the Drs that don't understand and blow you off. This is as hard to get diagnosed as ME/CFS. If you read and research and think this is possibly your issue there are some helpful groups on FB as well as this one.

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