The Man and His Map: Dan Moricol in Recovering from ME/CFS and His Big ME/CFS Community Map

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    Dan Moricoli's recovery story is shocking in so many ways. For one, for want of a better word he was such a stud before he got ill, and then when he got ill, he became - with his limbs flailing and his slurred speech - so very ill. It was a mighty fall indeed.

    Yet his path back to health, while it required enormous discipline, was soooo simple consisting of pacing, heart-rate limited exercise, meditation, yoga and time.

    Even though Dan is well now he has continued to give back to the community. Check out Dan on his story, his recovery and the big ME/CFS/FM map he's created to help bring people with ME/CFS/FM together in

    The Man and the Map: Dan Moricoli on His Continuing Recovery and His Big ME/CFS/FM Map
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