The Truth About Toxins - Morgan Spurlock

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Update! Season Four Premiere of CNN Original Series Morgan Spurlock Inside Man Launches Friday, June 3, 10pm, ET/PT

New Season Includes Spurlock’s Inside Look at Space, Gambling, Toxins, Disruptors, CSI and Gamers

Popular CNN Original Series Morgan Spurlock Inside Man, hosted and produced by the Oscar®-nominated documentary filmmaker, launches its fourth season on Friday, June 3 at 10pm ET/PT with an inside look at professional gambling.
In his inimitable, inquisitive style, and with a sense of humor intact, Spurlock tells compelling stories from an insider’s perspective. In the new season Morgan tackles toxins, gambling, the space industry, disruptors, gaming, and crime scene investigations.

The multiple award-winning program averaged 546,000 total viewers and 244,000 Adults 25-54 for premiere episodes in season three (1/22-3/19/15) and posted its highest season performance ever among both Adults 25-54 and total viewers. It surpassed its season two average (airing on Sundays at 10pm) by 7% in Adults 25-54 (228,000) and 27% in total viewers (429,000).*

For embeddable clips from the new season, please click on the following link:
Below are descriptions of Morgan Spurlock Inside Man season four episodes (airdates subject to change):

THE TRUTH ABOUT TOXINS (airdate June 17, 2016)
In a quest to rid his life of contaminants – which are prominent in food, cleaning products and even furniture, Spurlock gets professional help to “de-tox.” The host puts his body to the test, dabbling in chelation therapy, infrared saunas, electromagnetic-free sleep chambers, and various cleanses, to see if poisons can truly be flushed out of our bodies and surroundings in the modern world.

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Do I understand correctly that to watch this I must create an account with TzarMedia? Could you provide more information about this streaming service? Thanks. I had a quick look and saw reports of TzarMedia having a poor reputation. Scam, fraud?

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It was a joke. That's what lol means. Sorry it offended you. It's removed. All you gotta Say is the link doesn't work. It's very Intersting and others will like it if I can find it. They seem to have changed how the show airs on YouTube.

The truth behind toxins
On the next episode of "Inside Man," Morgan Spurlock uncovers food in your kitchen that may put your health at risk. Tune in Friday at 10 p.m. ET/PT.
Source: CNN

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Glad you found this. When it first aired all they had online was trailers. Every time it was scheduled to air it was preempted by something else.

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