This needs researching. Oral spirochetes.

I have searched this site and there is no mention of these. I have to keep this simple because that's me these days . The reason I bring this up is because prior to my fibro label I had a root canal tooth which lost its temporary crown after a couple of months . Because I couldn't feel any pain and also due to financial circumstances I just left it like that for 4 years. I believe the spirochete bacteria has spread throughout the body and brain. 4years after the fibro label my condition has deteriorated exponentially and now I am suffering with a mild dementia. I have found that studies of Alzheimer's brains have shown a 91%occurance of these spirochetes and all heart cases studied have them as well . In all healthy controls not one spirochete was found.

In my case my symptoms represent all that Lyme can do to people and I live in a country without Lyme. I have read that some believe a lot of Lyme cases are actually oral spirochetes . In my last bout of fibro flare which is almost constant these days I suffered an all over body rash and arthritis in hips lower back and neck . I really believe oral spirochetes due to their location to the brain and then their ability to get into the body and the way they can migrate into cns habitat in peripheral nerves Are a likely candidate for one of the ways to me /cfs and fm. If not the main one . I think that depending on the area of infection the resulting diagnosis is the consequence. And perhaps this may be down to the immune response. These guys can live intra and extra cellularly so I think that the resulting hormone enzyme etc functions which seem to be random and haphazard are due to this fact .

When I get a chance and if I can remember I will post some links to what I have read about them .


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What an interesting post! Go to You Tube and look at the videos of Dr. Alan McDonald - pathologist, Harvard Brain Bank. Supports just what you are saying. Do you think it is a good idea to get that tooth pulled?

Remembering the stomach ulcer story. If it were not for 2 brave Australian GI docs we might still think ulcers are caused by stress. Think there are many mysterious, hard to find, infective organisms.

Also, that all over body rash seems very important and a little unusual ? Could it be immune system related??

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Not sure about the oral part, but there are images of spirochetes and amyloid plaques... superimposed, in the same brain, and they match exactly. Only the staining /imaging method differs. One such picture is found in Dr. Horowitz's book on Lyme, I think it's called "How Can I get better?"

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