Tickplex, new Lyme test coming in May 2017.

Discussion in 'Testing and Diagnosis' started by Remy, Apr 18, 2017.

  1. Remy

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    Looks like there will be a new addition to the Lyme testing options come May...It's called Tickplex and it is affiliated with ArminLabs.



  2. smtl

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    I wouldn't recommend doing this test. I've got my results back yesterday, but they cannot be true. So, it might be a waste of money. Probably it's better to wait for https://www.id-lyme.eu to finish their project.
  3. Remy

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    Why do you think your results can't be true?
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  4. smtl

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    I live in EU, and I've never travelled to zones where I could catch "Ehrlichia chaffeensis", "Babesia microti" or "Rickettsia akari" - they're positive in the results. Also, I have no idea how may I have IgM to Parvovirus B19 and Bartonella, because it's impossible that I've caught them lately.

    https://www.columbia-lyme.org/bartonellosis says "the ability of Ixodes ticks to actually transmit B. henselae has not been specifically demonstrated" about "Babesia microti". And there seems to be evidence that ticks cannot transfer it to humans. How comes I am positive for it?
  5. Remy

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    The quote from the link says, "In addition, B. henselae has been detected in the spinal fluid of patients co-infected with Borrelia burgdorferi, the agent of Lyme disease. However, the ability of Ixodes ticks to actually transmit B. henselae has not been specifically demonstrated." I'm confused about where Babesia microti comes into it? Just because something has not been specifically demonstrated does not mean it doesn't happen.
  6. smtl

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    Sorry, I had B. henselae in my mind. Anyway, other facts haven't been answered by ArminLabs yet. I really suggest not to do the tests because of the things mentioned above. IgM, and strains not available in EU at all. This is not possible at all, with they false positive rate. These are clearly false positives.
  7. Beathub

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    Traditionally, a positive IgM test would mean that you may have been infected with a microbe recently. However, given the evidence that tick-borne disease patients may suffer from an immune dysfunction, the traditional rules of how an immune system works do not apply. In practice this may mean that seroconversion for certain immune responses never changed from IgM to IgG. Recent research published in Nature Scientific Reports will comprehensively explain the prevelance of multiple microbes in tick-borne disease individuals and associated immune dysfunction.

    Here is the link to the article should you be interested to read https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-018-34393-9