Topical Capsaicin for Fibromyalgia/Allodynia

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  1. Folk

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    Anyone here have any experience with Topical Capsaicin for Fibro/Allodynia pain?

    In my case would be more for Allodynia, although it's kind of a atypical case. The lightest touch (clothes, hair), when lingers for a period, hurts me but not my skin, it hurts my muscle.

    I don't know if that's a case it can help but I Dr. sugested I tried it, so I'm curious about giving it a go in the most severe areas: neck and lower back.

    Any info is welcome.
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  2. Dan

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    I suggest use a very dilute concentration to start and initially put it on a less painful area. Build up the dose slowly. The benefit is due to the depletion of Substance P from the peripheral nerves which takes many days. There is no instant response.
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  3. Shannon

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    Capsaicin is found in chilli peppers. As far as I know, this "works" by distracting your pain by adding a burning sensation (a different pain). I have tried similar, like tigers balm (camphor, menthol makes the skin "burn"). I found that it gave me no real relief at all.

    I prefer Voltaren gel, extra strength (you can get this even stronger in prescription). It has diclofenac, which is a topical NSAID. It really works for joint, muscle and nerve pain for me. It works really quickly too. I use it more for cramps or really tight muscle pain areas. It especially works for my feet and hands (joint pain there).

    However, that said, I also take a controlled release morphine regularly. So I find that the Voltaren works when I get flares, at least short term.

    My doctor did warn me about using too much Voltaren. It is an NSAID, if you keep adding more and more to your skin (which gets the diclofenac to your bloodstream within 30 seconds?), it accumulates quickly. Which is apparently not good for ya.
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  4. Folk

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    Hey thanks for the answer!
    But the explanation my doctor gave me was more than distracting the pain. He said the pepper killed or numbed "nerve receptors" (or something like that) in the skin. He said I would only feel the difference after a month aplying it 2 times a day for 15 minutes.
    Did you use for that long?
  5. Edie

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    I tried capsaicin years ago and found it worked well but had to eventually stop using it because of build up in the skin that became irritable burning pain. About 10 years ago, I tried Dr. Janet's glucosamine cream and am still using it today for muscle pain. It's non greasy, odorless and does not take much to do the job. It's fairly expensive but I buy it in a group (buy 4 & get 1 free) or(buy 6 & get 2 free) and now & then, they offer a 20% discount as well. Those specials may only apply to the website I buy from. I'll check and report back.
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  6. Edie

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    The website is
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  7. Shannon

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    No I did not try it for that long. The prescription is obviously accumulative then. It will work better once you get the dose level required in your system. If it's not too expensive, it's worth a try. As you may know, not everything works for everyone. Especially with Fibro! Unfortunately, you gotta try everything you can until you find something that works (hopefully).

    Good luck!
  8. voner

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    my father used it for Allodynia and it worked just like your doctor described. He only had one spot on his body and it was a relatively small area so the cream was easy to apply.

    I did not find capsican cream to be effective for me, though. Too many areas of my body to apply it, etc. My Allodynia is like yours... The pain from it is in the muscles/myofascia also.

    if you give it a try, please report back, I am interested if it helps or not.