Topical Luteolin Cream Helps Psoriasis/Eczema


Dr. Theoharides has found that the bioflavonoid luteolin stops the activation of the top skin layer that contributes to psoriasis. The type of luteolin in this cream is even stronger than the stuff in his oral supplement.

It’s official: though we’ve long suspected it, we can now add eczema/atopic dermatitis to the list of histamine/mast cell related conditions.

A new study [1] recently proved, for the first time in humans, that mast cells (the pesky little buggers that house histamine in the body) are a key culprit in causing eczema (also known as atopic dermatitis). The researchers also revealed that a protein known as STAT5, plays an important role in the equation by triggering major mast cell increases in some.

They now think the key to prevent or better treat eczema lies in blocking STAT5, which along with histamine, lives in our mast cells.

Full text here. Available here.


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I had a 3 or 4 inch diameter red skin patch, which looked like psoriasis, for several years on my ankle area. I found that treatments known to help psoriasis temporarily diminished some of the redness of this patch, but never got rid of it.

But when I tried the spin trap antioxidant tempol, which is a SOD1, 2 and 3 mimetic, this rapidly and permanently cleared up by psoriasis within a week, and it never came back. So tempol seemed to be able to cure psoriasis (assuming that is what I had).

You can buy tempol here and here. I took a dose of 20 mg daily. It did not help my ME/CFS symptoms, but did work wonders for my psoriasis. More into on tempol here.

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@Hip. My psoriasis is really bad. Going go my nails.

With the powder of tempol how much is 20 mgs? Did you mix it with water?

Can you explain more? Dumb it down please.


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With the powder of tempol how much is 20 mgs? Did you mix it with water?

When I bought my tempol from, they sent me a really tiny plastic scoop to pick up the powder — when I say tiny, I mean the scoop spoon was only about 3 mm across. I found that three heaped scoops was around 20 mg of tempol powder.

If you want get precise, for around $5 to $10 you can buy a digital scales on eBay that weighs down to just 1 mg, and with that it is easy to measure tiny quantities like 20 mg.

The dose range for tempol is 10 mg to 100 mg daily. I chose 20 mg daily for no particular reason, apart from the fact that lower doses are more economical.

You take tempol sublingually: just put the powder under your tongue. It seems to melt into the mucous membranes of the mouth almost instantly. No need to mix with water.

Tempol comes as a bright orange power in a small glass bottle, and is heat and light sensitive, so must be stored in the fridge. If it ever loses its bright orange color, then that is an indication it has been heat damaged. But kept in the fridge, it is very stable, and will last indefinitely.

If you buy a gram of tempol, then at 20 mg daily, it will last for 50 days.

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