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To the left you can see my wife Claudia when we were going to a dinner last summer. To the right is the day after.

My name is Mats, and I am from Sweden. My wife Claudia got sick in meningitis autumn 2008.
She became really bad and was in intensive care for eight days. Claudia didn´t recover. She’s basically in bed 22 hours a day and she describes her feeling like she has the flue – every day.
Three years ago she was diagnosed with ME/CFS. She has visit several doctors. No one can help her. She got antidepressant medication, she was referred to a psychologist. She has completed a program where they want her to try to do a little more every day. She doesn´t get better- only worse. Standard tests at hospital doesn´t show any abnormal. Like many others ME/CFS sufferers.
The last year I have spent a lot of time to read studies about ME/CFS
Any attempt to take a holistic approach and work together doesn´t seem to exist. I have tried to find successful studies and I have actually found some.
Dr. John Chia discovered that 82% of all ME/CFS-sufferers have an active infection with enterovirus, a virus that can´t be easily identified in the blood, but in the cellular level. Over 50% of his patients, included his son, have been much better by his own developed antiviral medication – Equlibrant.
There are more studies showing that many ME/CFS-sufferers have active infections of Epstein Barr virus, herpes virus etc. There are studies that show that they feel much better with antiviral therapy. Several studies show that a subgroup of ME/CFS suffer from Lyme disease and its co-infections.
It makes me confused, why don´t health care do more? At the same time many psychologists etc continue to argue that you can be better by gradually increasing exercise (GET)? I don´t understand?
I am convinced that many more actually can be cured, and in any case feel better. It’s all about knowledge and ambition. I am very disappointed at the health care system!
Many cases of ME/CFS follow after a viral infection of some kind, it´s as if the body either cannot get rid of the infection, or that the immune response to the infection does not shut down when it should.
Except treating virus or bacteria, there are other important things to focus on
Leaking gut and toxins
Other evidence suggests that the combination of a chronic viral infection and gut bacteria produces a whole host of toxins that damage the immune system, hormonal system and nervous system on an ongoing basis. A dysfunctional immune system is a major part of ME/CFS. Heavy metal, chemical and mycotoxin has a huge negative impact on the immune system. Toxins released from gut can leak through the gut wall into the blood when the gut is damaged. It affect the immune system and the brain with free radicals and inflammations.
Candida is very common in people with chronic fatigue. The toxins they produce are also a problem for people in general, and ME/CFS sufferers in particular. These toxins can produce many neurological symptoms.

Autoimmune disease

Virus, bacterias and toxins weakening the immune system and making it more likely to attack the body cells.
Methylation cykle, gene mutation, histamine level… There are a lot of things to do!
I think more patients can be treated and recovered. There are of course a lot of sub groups and everyone needs individual care. The most important thing is that everyone who suffers of ME/CFS should be offered every test health care can offer. Doesn´t it make sense? What´s the alternative?

And here is a video about ME/CFS for dummies ;)

Thank you!

Mats Lindström

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Valganciclovir appears to work
1. Psychiatrist Theodore Henderson has recently treated 30 children with a diagnosis of Systemic Exertion Intolerance Disease (SEID). 85% felt better after 3 months and 92% after 5 months after takin the antiviral medication Valganciclovir. He has incidentally treated 200 adults and a presentation of the results will be reported shortly.

2. 52% of CFS patients with Epstein Barr Virus and/or HHV-6 was better after treatment with the drug valganciclovir.

3. 30 CFS patients with elevated IgG antibodies to HHV-6 and Epstein Barr virus were treated with the drug valganciclovir in a double-blind, placebo-controlled study lasting 6 months. The mental fatigue decreased and the cognitive ability improved.

Oxymatrine can work against RNA viruses (see the Equlibrant)

4. 52% of the 500 st CFS patients felt better by Dr. John Chias antiviral Equilibrant (containing oxymatrine). He treats enteroviruses which he demonstrated in 82% of those with CFS.

Valacyclovir may work against EBV
5. In a small study in 2002 tried to an antiviral drug valacyclovir (not valganciclovir as above), which acts against the Epstein Barr Virus on 19 st CFS patients. 16 patients got better after 6 months.
For the treatment of ME/CFS valganciclovir (Valcyte) says to be stronger and have a broader spectrum antiviral and is generally much more efficient than other antiviral drugs. It only works against DNA viruses. There are few antiviral agents that work against RNA: Ribavirin and Oxymatrine, available in Dr. Chias Equlibrant medicine, has some activity against RNA viruses.

Valacyclovir may be helpful in comb with valganciclovir by EBV + other DNA viruses
Lerner believes that there are good opportunities to treat ME/CFS. In cases where the EBV occurs as independent viruses, he believes that the antiviral drug valacyclovir is effective. If there is simultaneous infection with CMV or HHV-6 is valacyclovir combined with valganciclovir preferable.

Mats Lindström

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