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I was going to ask any kind souls out there, who would perhaps be willing to help out, somebody who’s in a very tough spot, that have perhaps experienced some level of remission/relief, to maybe share what has worked for them.

I have tried: CoQ10, L-Ribose, LDN, vitamins, but nothing has helped. I am currently bed-bound and unable to leave the house without unbearable pain and fatigue. I am suffering with terrible Cognitive decline to memory, and thinking. I can’t leave the home, or I will crash really badly. I am constantly exshausted and Fatigued. I can’t do anything because it hurts, and I’m tired and demotivated and in an unbearable Brain Fog. There’s not much left to my life at all like this. I’m a vegetable. This is the worst thing of life that could’ve possibly happened. I have lost my whole life to this disease, I’m completely crippled by it and I can’t do anything because I’m trapped in this void of despair, and pain, and constant exaustion for no reason.

Please if you don’t mind sharing what has helped you in fighting this, me and others would really appreciate it!! Many many of us are struggling and fighting would really love some advice on some treatments that maybe have helped previous people...

Thank you so very much, please do share your story!! and God bless.
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I'm so sorry to hear this. Just know you are not alone and there is support out there. I've had CFS for 2 years. At my worst I made it downstairs to the sofa but nowhere else. I had to lie down all day and some days didn't speak. I suffered with pain in my legs, feeling like pain in the bone and spasms. My mobility has been severely affected so much so that I was usually in a wheelchair if I made it out at all. But I am very happy to share I am in a much better place now. It's difficult to say what has done it as I've thrown everything at it but here's what I did.

The best thing has been seeing a nutritionist. My nutritionist is a little alternative but i got to the point of trying anything. She put me on a gluten and dairy free diet. She also gave me a variety of supplements. I also did a private stool test which found Gardia in my bowel. So I was treated with antibiotics which seemed to improve general symptoms.

I also tried acupuncture. That worked really well for the spasms in my legs.

Then i started graded exercise therapy. I did this incredibly slowly. I started with sitting for short periods of time then resting afterwards. Very slowly i increased this and added more activity. Now I'm not lying down at all during the day.

If there is any questions I can answer or just to talk then let me know


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I am improving and have gotten much relief by applying information I have learned from a man by the name of Anthony William. This is after 22 yrs of CFS HELL. I wish that I could just write down a simple protocol for you that I have tried, but it is not that simple. The formula involves taking natural anti-virals, a diet which starves viruses and bacteria and supplements that support the immune system and methylation. If one suspects heavy metals..........there are foods that help the body to get rid of also.

I did not think there was any hope left for me ..........................never lose hope!

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