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Hi, I'm trying out some CBD products and also one called CBG that I had never heard of and seems very interesting. The googling I did on CBG seems there is a lot of speculation that it could be even more useful then CBD and I really liked what I read about it, although I guess none of it is proven. I especially perked up reading something about it's influence over homeostasis processes in the body, bc my homeostasis is definitely a problem especially in the area of temperature control and sleep. So I'm giving a try with a CBD tincture and a CBG tincture, and some other body rubs, lotions and I will try to remember to come back in a few months to report on how this is going.


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So far I'm pleased with the CBD and CBG items. The most pleasing thing is that I haven't had any weird reactions or anxiety which I get from even small amounts of THC. The only thing I've really noticed is a relaxed mood, I feel less stressed. I haven't noticed any other benefits so far.


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I'm still taking CBD and CBG but I don't really see any improvements. I bought some higher dosage and some full spectrum CBD items to see if an increase in dosage and full spectrum of cannabinoids makes a difference for me.

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I felt some nervousness when I tried CBD oil. I thought I'd try the THC free one next but at over $100 a pop, I'm not in any hurry to potentially feel anxiety again and be disappointed over once again losing money. Not sure what the big thrill is here.

That said, there are kids in some states that can't get CBD oil and who absolutely need it for medical reasons. One of the companies in SC I heard about was started by a mom with a daughter who has a rare neuro disease that is helped. I'm all for the legalization. It's just not a panacea for me. And it does strike me as a bit expensive. As if they're expecting to be sued and saving up for it. Or just planning for buying a yacht. Either way. 🤷‍♀️

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