Tulsa shooting was by a man in extreme pain

Not dead yet!

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"A gunman who killed his surgeon and three other people at a Tulsa medical office blamed the doctor for his continuing pain after a recent back operation and bought an AR-style rifle just hours before the rampage, police said Thursday. "

That struck a chord with me. How far do people have to go to be listened to when they say they are in pain? He had several things preventing him from getting proper care. Race, Black people are less likely to get pain drugs, or proper treatment. It was a back problem, which is often treated as a fake problem. Anger, as soon as you express anger or frustration to any doctor, they usually just shut you out and never help you again. Surgery, this is often the last option after everything has been tried.

Nothing justifies a murderous rampage, but this guy definitely should've been listened to before he became furious. I don't think that doctor "deserved" it. I do think the medical system needs to have a policy that anger=more help, and not ignoring that patient. I don't know if that will prevent this in the future, but I do know that pain control is not working right now, and not just for murderous people, but for people who suffer in silence. And the people who suffer silently don't deserve that either.


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This is so tragic and I had to look it up as we've had so many shootings in the last 10 yrs or so..... This man with the back surgery as I read it had only had the major surgery a little while ago and it takes often months to feel somewhat decent but I'm not forgiving him what what he did. I believe the man killed himself too. Very very tragic...and covid has made everything 10000% worse.

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