Two Of Stanford Medicine Magazine's Top Reads on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS)


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ME/CFS dominates Stanford Med's Magazine (!) Thor stories were apparently VERY popular - that's good news - shows people in that intellectual hub are interested :)

A look at Stanford Medicine magazine‘s top stories of 2016 reveals some recurring themes: Two of the top five (based on pageviews on the magazine’s website) tell stories of a father trying to save the life of his son, and two describe battles with chronic fatigue syndrome. In 2016, the quarterly magazine published special reports on precision health, relationships, the science of well-being, and diagnostics. A story from each of these is represented among the biggest reads:

  • And yet, you try: The story of a cancer diagnostics expert’s quest to save his son from brain cancer.
  • The puzzle solver: A renowned geneticist changes the course of his research to rescue his son from severe chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • Leaving frailty behind: A Q&A with author Laura Hillenbrand, who wrote the best sellers Seabiscuit and Unbroken while grappling with severe chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • Well now: A quest to understand well-being.
  • Brain waves: On using brain imaging to customize treatment for people with anxiety, depression and other psychiatric conditions.
  • Images from Stanford Medicine magazine’s 2016 covers by (clockwise from upper left) Harry Campbell, Brian Cronin, Paul Wearing and Christopher Silas Neal

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