UK NICE Guidelines to be reviewed

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    ICYMI The UK NICE guidelines are to be reviewed after months (years!) of campaigning by patients.
    NICE Guidelines Review CG53

    The reason for its importance is that we have a public health service in th UK (NHS) so decisions about recommended treatments are made at a national level. This has meant you only officially have hade access to CBT/GET. (Although some areas offer advcie on pacing)

    A big part of the reason for the review is what's going on the US with research & the intervention of David Tuller. I don't think you can underestimate the influence of David in galvanising UK patients and the ME Association in demanding change.

    There is more information in the summaries provided by the ME Association (MEA) & ME Research UK

    MEA On NICE guidelines review
    MERUK on NICE guidelines review
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