updated: Q&A with Jarred Younger Sept. 2nd - 2PM (central)


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We are having another live Q&A session on youtube September 1st 2nd at 2pm Central Time! We have several questions that have been submitted via email, and will try to take some live questions as well via chat. You can go to the live broadcast at the link below. If you want to send questions, you can email them to: jarredyoungerlab@gmail.com

Several questions have been asked about what studies we are starting now and in the near future, so this would be a good chance to hear about our newest projects. Everyone is welcome to be involved with the session on Sept 1st 2nd.
- Jarred Younger

On September 1st 2nd you can follow the Q&A live here:
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Muchas gracias @bobby! :)

He said he had some good news to relate earlier.


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just received some more info on the seminar: they changed the date to September 2nd (because of the Hanson seminar). I've changed it in title and original post.

Jarred Younger said:
Here are some of the questions asked recently that we will cover:

What research are you doing now?

What other diseases do you think you will research in the future?

What is the status of your current studies?

Are you starting a new study within the next 6 months?

What do you think of some of the other research being done by other scientists?

I hope everyone will join us for the Q&A session!

We were originally planning to hold this session on September 1st, but it conflicted with the Solve ME/CFS Webinar. You are also welcome to watch that live event as well. Maureen Hanson, PhD from Cornell University will be speaking about intestinal bacteria and ME/CFS. It is September 1st at 2pm Central Time and the registration link is at: http://solvecfs.org/2016-webinar-series . Just click the registration button for the September 1st talk.


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just received some more info on the seminar: they changed the date to September 2nd (because of the Hanson seminar). I've changed it in title and original post.
Thanks - I sent in this question

Hi! Can you speak more about seeing groups working on FM and ME/CFS and some budding interest from pharmaceutical companies?

I was encouraged to see many new groups working on fibormyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Pharmacuetical companies are showing growing interest in developing better treatments for these conditions, which is matching the greater attention we are seeing from federal health organizations. It has been a very long time coming, but I believe we are finally seeing a shift in emphasis that will lead to quicker discoveries and better treatments. More info coming soon!


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Is there any on the drug midodrine / flroninef? or any OI drug? This is such a miracle that keeps me active no idea why the pharma has not shown interest. Maybe they do not know about the potential?


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On Facebook they announced someone from his team received a grant and I think it was for that.

Neuroinflammation, Pain, and Fatigue Laboratory at UAB

August 22 at 2:49pm ·
Kelsey Campbell, a graduate student researcher in the lab, has just been awarded two grants! She has received a year-long grant to train in patient-centered research, which covers her tuition and graduate stipend. She also received a grant to examine brain temperature as a measure of neuroinflammation in individuals with traumatic brain injury. This is quite an achievement and we congratulate Kelsey. Our thanks go to UAB's Center for Clinical and Translational Science, and the Functional Neuro-Recovery Program for funding these grants!


Her grant is for research w/ traumatic brain injury patients, not ME/CFS.


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did anyone listen in? I was a bit late, and the sound from Tina's microphone was so low that I could hardly understand what she was saying. but overall I thought it was good!

didn't take notes. anyone else?
And she is. Here it is:
Sorry for the volume problems. Every time there's technical problems. This time I had malware that was muting my microphone automatically. Took me six tries to fix that (the day before). And then I had air sound on my mic. I did lots of setting changes to fix that. And then a couple of hours before, we did a sound check with him. And he had bad air sound. Took us about 45 minutes to fix that. Didn't have time to see how all our fixes worked out on the listener end. And I tried to compensate, but some said they could hear me. I listened to the recording and heard the problem. I did some edits (which is why it took 24 hours). You may need to turn your volume up, but it's more even (between him and me now).

All the questions are in the video description. If you are on a computer, you should see a link to where the answers are. I'm afraid the links don't work in mobile. (Some YouTube thing.) But you can still see the time of where the answer is.

Thank you for those who tried to listen during it. And thank you to all who shared it.


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Dr Younger has a new website up and running ... https://cas.uab.edu/younger/
Lot of great stuff on it, but I'm a little concerned because there's no mention of the brain temp research with ME/CFS patients. I wonder if that research was shelved?
I would be shocked (and horrified) if it was!

I think this is it

Developing better methods for detecting inflammation in the brain
We believe that low-level inflammation in the brain may be the cause of many cases of pain, fatigue, problems with thinking or memory, and depression. Unfortunately, no tool is currently available that allows us to determine if someone has low-level inflammation in the brain. We are working on several solutions to that problem, using neuroimaging techniques such as diffusion tensor imaging, positron emission tomography, and magnetic resonance spectroscopy. We hope to make a safe, non-invasive and accurate test available for neuroinflammation. For these studies, we are currently recruiting people with chronic pain and fatigue, rheumatoid arthritis and healthy people.

That is a nice website! (I am jealous...:sour:)

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