Vaccination as a trigger of ME/CFS

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What do you think triggered your ME/CFS?

  1. Hepatitis B

  2. Influenza

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  3. Meningitis

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  4. Yellow fever

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  5. Typhoid

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  6. BCG

  7. Not sure / can't remember

  8. HPV

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  9. Combination

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  10. MMR

  11. Hepatitis A

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  12. Hepatitis C

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  13. Non-vaccine trigger

  14. Polio

  1. Natalie S

    Natalie S New Member

    My sister developed mild ME/CFS following a flu like illness. She then had a series of vaccinations (hepatitis B, yellow fever) and each exacerbated her symptoms but eventually they reduced. However, she had a hepatitis B booster several months later and since then has been severely ill and needs to be cared for, for the past 2 years. So I've been trying to find out more about the link between vaccination and ME/CFS onset. It seems there are many anecdotal stories of this link. This paper from 2014 concluded that there is a potential link

    The ME Association ran a survey last year and posted results. I set up a poll below to repeat that survey.

    I'd love to hear thoughts on this. If you suspect that you developed ME/CFS as a result of vaccination, which vaccine? Did your symptoms reduce at any point?
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  2. Hip

    Hip Well-Known Member

    Hepatitis B seems to have a stronger link to triggering ME/CFS than other vaccines.

    If you search the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database for incidences of triggering ME/CFS, you find that the hepatitis B vaccine and the human papillomavirus vaccines are associated with the highest number of ME/CFS cases. See this post.
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  3. Vitor

    Vitor Member

    i didn't get it from a vaccine
  4. deboruth

    deboruth Member

    M.E. resulting from vaccination seemed to have been mentioned more frequently in older UK reports after the 1955 Royal Free epidemic but before CDC gave birth to "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" in 1988, leading to the psychiatric takeover in the UK. I have also read scattered accounts in the US over the years.
    It totally makes sense that the adjuvants in vaccines, which are there to make your immune system much more reactive, could kick off symptoms of M E.. Keep in mind the"encephalomyelitis" part of M.E. and work such as Jarred Younger's citing microglia excitation in M.E. or, "cfs." When death follows a vaccination in babies such as my goddaughter, who died later in the day of her Hep B vaccine at about five weeks, the tell-tale symptom on autopsy is encephalitis. Otherwise I think she would be off to college next fall.
    The Israeli researcher Yehuda Schoenfeld defined the autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome that can follow vaccination with adjuvants. It is called ASIA, an acronym. He has a book out and there are articles in journals. Here's one
    Hep B and HPV vaccines have particularly strong adjuvants, which may account for the mentions of post-vaccination M.E./cfs onset associated with them. I have also heard of a rare but nasty reaction to Yellow Fever vaccine. Indeed, Gulf War Disease has sometimes been attributed to the large portfolio of vaccines injected in all armed forces at the time, deployed and desk-bound alike, including a new anthrax vaccine given to participants.
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  5. Rob Rainford

    Rob Rainford Active Member

    This appears to have happened to me after having a Hep B vaccination for a holiday 10 years ago.
    My partner noticed a change in my behaviour, restless, moody etc. I just put it down to jet lag.
    I became unwell Soon after and was unable to sleep. It was all downhill from there.
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  6. Rob Rainford

    Rob Rainford Active Member

    My symptoms appeared to start not long after the Hep B jab. 18 month laters I ended up with Chronic Sinusitis + Tinnitus along with ME/CFS. It took 2 operations but I still have Sinusitis and Tinnitus. A 3rd operation is too close to the brain I'm told. A risk I'm not willing to take.
    I'm trying LDN this months to see if it gives me some relief from this zombie like state I'm in.

    I hope your sister gets the help she needs.
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  7. Miq

    Miq Member

    My initial onset was sudden viral. I was vaccinated soon after with a rubella, tetanus and x2 Hep B shots for a course I was taking. I would say after the second Hep B vaccine is when my stamina started slowing and within one month I was bedbound for 8 months. I slowly 'recovered' but when I returned to work I crashed and became disabled- that was 26 years ago.
  8. Issie

    Issie Well-Known Member

    My earliest remembrance of severe illness that lasted for months was after a vaccine. Not only me but my sis and another friend all got sick. We missed months of school. My friend missed a whole year. None of us really recovered and it went down from there.
    There is a new series starting Wed on vaccines. Both pro and against sides will be shown. It's free. Should prove interesting. Here's a link:
    Here's a preview they released today. Makes you just mad.

  9. Abrin

    Abrin Well-Known Member

    I know for sure that I didn't get mine from a vaccine.
  10. Hustler

    Hustler Active Member

    Measles/Rubela shot maybe in the 90s.
    But in any case I am really well now.
    I take antiretrovirals. Only antiretrovirals worked for me out of the many things I tried.
    On them I have much higher energy levels to the point of being cured I'd say.
    Before being vaccinated you would need antiretrovirals if you are a carrier of


  11. Miq

    Miq Member

    @Hustler what happens when you stop anti-retrovirals?
  12. Hustler

    Hustler Active Member

    ME symptoms return after 3 days of stopping them
  13. Miq

    Miq Member

    You're not 'cured' if symptoms come back, but glad you found a treatment that improves your quality of life.
  14. Hustler

    Hustler Active Member

    Thank you
  15. Hustler

    Hustler Active Member

    Human Gammaretroviruses like XMRVmikovits a non vp62 Silverman MLV virus are in there

    I cured my ME on antiretrovirals. Cured as in i need the arv s lifelong but on them i have no symptoms

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