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I weighed the issue long and hard. Based on posts on this site I gathered it was better to have vaccine reactions than actual covid if you are dx ME/CFS/FM. I had the first Moderna April 1 with no immediate reactions. About 10 days following I was hit with possibly the worst dizziness and fatigue I have ever had in 30 years. I was actually ill feeling like death would be a step up. But being my mother's daughter I knew I was tough and nothing will defeat me I can take it, I had dose #2 on Saturday May 1. Nobody close to me had any reaction from either dose. 8 hrs after the injection I started to feel feverish and unwell. The injection site REALLY hurt, was red and hot to the touch. My fever started climbing and in taking inventory I found not even 1 spot on my body that did not hurt. I already have lots of pain with FM/CFS but this was everywhere. A typical viral episode. I do not like to take anything for a fever but I took tylenol for the pain. I got no sleep Sat night. I was in too much pain and too feverish. The fever did abate some but Sunday it was back and climbing again. I called the nurse at Kaiser Permanente as instructed. She said it was a normal reaction, take tylenol and rest. So weak yesterday my legs gave out returning from the bathroom 6 ft away. Today I have some recovery.
When I got the injection and when I called the nurse there was no reaction from my declaration of CFS diagnosis and fatigue already being severe. I am not even sure it is on my medical record at Kaiser. Mykomia isn't and they dx it! I have run into nurses and doctors who have NEVER heard of it. How can this be? Especially after covid and the long haul comparisons. Are these people not being updated? Do they not have to get hours of continued education annually. I certainly did as an insurance agent. When I finally got a dx after 30 years of struggle from a Kaiser Neuro, he did not say see you in 6 months or even have an annual update. I was just released on my own recognizance I guess. Can we ever expect to see some recognition, understanding and help? I am so frustrated!

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