I wonder if anyone else has had a similar reaction to Valacyclovir as something I recently experienced.

I have an Rx for Valacyclovir which I take for 3 days each time I have a herpes outbreak. This most recent time, the 2nd or 3rd day into the course of Valacyclovir for herpes, I had a day where I felt more well than I have in years. The brain fog lifted & I had some energy -- it was like hiking up a mountain & coming out above the clouds. I wrote a poem (a good one!) for the first time in years. I was at the local CVS to pick up an Rx, and suddenly thought, hey, I think I'll get some new nail polish! I haven't put it on my nails yet, but to even have that cross my mind is unusual for me. Most days I can barely get my hair combed.

I was very active on that marvelously excellent no-brain-fog day. The day after I needed a recovery day & did very little. The day after that wasn't as good as the previous excellent day, but was better than my usual average. After that I've just slipped back into my usual condition, which is tired & foggy much of the time.

I've read that if /when Valacyclovir works, it takes months to feel improvement. My question is, has anyone else had a similar experience after just a couple days on it? I've been trying to figure out what else could cause that big a difference in how I felt, but as far as I can recall, the short course of Valacyclovir was the only thing that changed.


Valacyclovir is a fairly potent anti-inflammatory drug as well as being antiviral. It also normalizes something else that I can't remember off the top of my head right now, but will try to find later in my notes from when I was taking it back in 2013. So it's not just the one benefit, like most drugs, it has multiple effects. If I had that kind of a reaction though, I'd certainly be interested to see where a longer course might take me!


Ah, here it is...Valtrex also modulates adenosine.

Dr. Sid Baker, in cooperation with Jill James Ph.D., conducted a pilot study of 10 children with autism. Nine children were treated with acyclovir and one child was not treated.

Note: Valtex is quickly converted to acyclovir in the intestines and the liver
5. From a viral treatment perspective many viruses that Valtrex can affect can also take up residence in the liver. Valtrex is also more bioavailable than oral acyclovir6 (more similar to IV acyclovir) and has what seems to be a safer side-effect profile.

In all the 9 children adenosine levels were seemingly improved. Some children had higher levels of adenosine and they were lowered. Some children had lower levels and they were raised. The untreated child’s level remained unchanged. This striking normalizing effect is not very common in medicine.


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Was it recommended by your doctor to take Valacyclovir as it can lead to destruction of red blood cells and a low platelet count.
I've been on the Pridgen Protocol for 4 months. I don't feel any better but my lab work showed that my hsv level is dropping, so I'm optimistic. I recently had to stop the celecoxib because it was interacting with my blood pressure medication, so am switching to cimetidine, which also has robust antiviral activity


Was it recommended by your doctor to take Valacyclovir as it can lead to destruction of red blood cells and a low platelet count.
That is an EXTREMELY rare side effect which typically occurs within the first week of treatment, typically in otherwise immunocompromised patients. Of course, it is recommended to do regular labs while taking any medication, including Valtrex.

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