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Another interesting thread from PR from Cornwellsb about using various AVS and ARVS

Here is a quote from him and his thoughts on arv's. If someone feels comfortable reaching out to him to post here that'd be great.

After further though after writing this I really think truvada should be given a try by others interested in AVs ... I noted above that I started to have some improvement after starting truvada almost a year ago before I even knew I had CFS. I had been seeing specialists for fatigue (i.e. Endocrinologists) but they could find nothing wrong. I just happened to get on truvada as a precautionary step because I travel to lots of places in the world where HIV is rampant.

I just searched the board and there are other examples of people who have recovered on some similar combinations of AVs. Truvada is a combination of 2 drugs emtricitabine 200 mg and tenofovir disoproxil fumarate 300 mg. i found another post of someone who recovered on tenofovir and some other AV. I think tenofovir may be the key. Recently I had the biggest leap forward in my recovery when adding valtrex. My theory is that the truvada was helping fight cmv and/or other viruses and the valtrex helped against EBv ... I'm no dr but I was not expecting things to get better this quickly and it has been a drastic change for the better over the last 3 months. I think taking truvada for almost a year and then adding in valtrex really was what I needed.

If anyone is interested, truvada is very well tolerated and easy to obtain in the US. It is quite expensive but covered on almost every drug plan as a HIV prevention drug. $2500. The drug company also pays for your co-pay.

This is of course my theory ... Searching for truvada also leads to a post where someone thinks it gave them cfs.

This links to another thread I started
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