Vitamin C, anyone with experience?

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The vitamin C treatment story sounds good to me. I started 3 g (1g 3x/day), then increased to 6 g, began getting some rear end irritation and blood, stopped for a few days, then back to 3 g and now back up to 6 g total per day. I'm not feeling any benefits right now. I'm reading some impressive results with 15 to 20 g per day, even up to 50 g. Has anyone had experience with these mega doses, is a ramp up required, is the form of Vit C important. Any advice or comments?


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I've never done mega doses of Vitamin C but I've definitely has noticed a difference in my health when I am taking Vitamin C. It is a slow build to see improvements but I have seen improvement when I am taking it. Strangely, I've noticed that when I am not taking Vitamin C then I bruise more easily.


I've been taking about 16g a day in divided doses for just under a year. I haven't had any miraculous healing from MECFS but it does seem to be helpful for collagen (I have EDS too) and honestly, I just like the taste! I put it in water with lemon and make a pseudo-lemonade with lemon flavored stevia.

I would be concerned about any blood in your stool. You might try a different form of C...either a mineral chelate like sodium ascorbate (be careful of mineral chelates that contain a lot of calcium or other minerals though as it is easy to get too much at higher doses) or a liposomal form of C.

Good luck!


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Just lemon juice gives me lot of energy and I experience the same. I feel lot of freedom while walking.

Now I take fresh organic lemon juice twice about 30 ml each.

I also used gooseberry or amla powder, prepared from the fruit picked from forests in India. That also gave significant improvement. The more I took, the better I felt. I used to take up to 20gm every day.
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