Wanted: Dr. John Chia's patients' updates

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Danesh, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. Danesh

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    Does anyone know how Christine McLaughlin is now? She kept blogs in 2012-14 detailing her experience with Dr. John Chia in Torrance, Calif. Or anyone else who has worked with him, I'm interested to know how patients do more long term. Do the modest improvements last, for those 50% who do improve on his treatments for enterovirus infections? Thanks!
  2. weyland

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    I'd be curious to hear how she's doing too, her blogs were quite encouraging to me.

    I have been a patient of his for around 2.5 years. So far the improvements have lasted, but they are minimal in the big picture of the disease, in terms of PEM and tolerance for exertion.
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  3. Danesh

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    Thanks, I remember you on the comments. Do you mean PEM and exertion tolerance has been slightly improved, or those are the symptoms that have not really been affected by treatment? What symptoms have improved for you?
  4. weyland

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    Yeah, unfortunately the PEM and exertion intolerance remain, though they are a bit less severe and I seem to recover back to baseline from PEM a lot faster. What has improved are gastrointestinal symptoms (IBS type symptoms gone, though gastritis/dyspepsia remains at a low level), fevers are gone, hypoglycemia is gone, frequent urination is gone, dizziness and tinnitus are slightly improved. Overall I just feel less sick. So I'm not cured or in remission, but my quality of life has improved a measurable amount.

    It really seems to depend on the patient though. Some of his patients have had improvements in PEM and fatigue etc. and are able to return to life.
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    Thank you for answering. Helpful. Glad you do feel somewhat better!
  6. Weyland,

    How long did you stay on equlilibrant. Did you do anything else to support gut health at the same time. My last two labs for the first time in my life came back possibly positive for Cocksackie, so my doctor wants me to try equilibrant.
  7. weyland

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    I'm still taking it. If I stop, symptoms come back.

    I've experimented with various pre/probiotics, but I find in combination with other things I'm taking they cause way too much immune stimulation and inflammation in my large intestine.
  8. Thanks for the reply. How would you rate your level of functionality now versus not being on the Equilibrant?

    What happens when you say immune stimulation (to me that usually means I feel like I have a bad flu without the fever and wish I were dead instead of suffering so)

    Two things to look into.

    1) I have a friend who was a patient of Chias and she used Chlorine Dioxide (Kelly Riviera book on autism for instructions) and recovered.
    2) Something, I am looking into to do along with the Equilibrant that might be useful to you called the Briggs Protocol. It has been used to help with IBD and UC

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  9. weyland

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    I described a bit above in post #4. It's not a cure but I would be extraordinarily miserable without it.

    Yeah exactly, flu like symptoms.