What about the spleen?

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I'm having the mystery pain in my left waist area again. Ive suspected it was spleen for years, and now it looks more likely. Oddly, the only medical help available for that seems to be removal and I'm like, no way. So both WebMD and MayoClinic aren't being helpful.

However, Dr. Axe has some interesting stuff to say about it: https://draxe.com/enlarged-spleen/

[article]Probably the single most important thing the spleen does is produce antibodies that fight against bacteria and other microbes. In addition, spleen function includes helping keep the blood clean, transporting and balancing fluid levels, maintaining blood platelets, and ushering waste away from muscle and joint tissue.

The spleen ultimately controls the level of circulating red blood cells within the blood, removing old and worn-out red cells that can no longer do their jobs. It also very importantly fights infections by producing phagocytes and lymphocytes, two types of protective white blood cells.[/article]

Kind of like gallbladder, this is a case where medicine is ignoring something because you can live without it.

But when I read up on it, it looks like there's a lot more in there that sounds like ME/CFS. Is the spleen an issue for us? I hadn't read about that before. But I certainly have high amounts of antibodies to EBV (mono) and that's one recognized virus that causes people to sometimes have it removed. Anyway, I"m done being chopped up into bits. Giving up my GB was enough. I'm keeping the rest unless death is the only other option.

So I'm wondering if anyone has ideas for helping the spleen work better? Or maybe there's a protocol out there that I'm not aware of.

Not dead yet!

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EBV can attack any organ including the spleen. Have you considered going after the EBV?

Well, besides Valcyclovir, what else can I do for that? My doctor says the same thing, but besides Valcyclovir, I haven't been offered any other options. It's a temporary fix, because when I'm off of it, the symptoms return. I wish there was a more permanent way to get rid of EBV.

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